The Whorable Experience

How shopping here is different, for a reason - not a gimmick:

As humans, our deepest longing is to be seen. But for us to be seen, we must first show up. And showing up in the same outfit as the next girl is not an option if I want to be seen as a precious commodity. I don't care if she's my best friend or the guest of honor, the bitch has got to go.

At Whorable, we've created a shopping experience striped and reshaped from the basics of the universal drop model. You see, brands today like Supreme and retailers from Barneys, to Colette, to Dover Street Market are using the ‘drop’ to generate urgency and specificity.

The problem with this is that these companies are trying to capitalize on superficial marketing tactics and are more about commercialization than with actual manufacturing.

Misrepresenting the logistics of our precious enterprise by meticulously expelling restricted quantities helps these brands disguise the fact that it is now considerably easy and cheap to manufacture their products. Which, in turn, is creating a false sense of scarcity around those very products that we are tricked into paying premium prices for, “all in the name of exclusivity”.

This is diluting the industry for idiosyncratic clothing. This, ladies, robs us of the opportunity of having an authentic link between personal style and identity. It is a fact that authenticity is universally attractive. And that is what we believe is the signature of remarkable individualism.

We believe that, in fashion, authenticity should be met with transparency from its maker. This is the foundation of Whorable.

We became obsessed with providing an experience that is true to the unique standards of the original ‘drop’ model (before sales, marketing and greed take over). This is important to have a sense of freedom and confidence in knowing, what you have, is like no other.


Why we produce and distribute clothes differently:

So, here is what we came up with. Once per week, we’ll be dropping 5 exquisite Whorable designs. We are providing the shopper (that's you, you gorgeous thing) with exactly how many we've made of each style, right down to the quantity of each size and which cities we've sold them in already.

Our goal is to limit each ‘work of art’ to no more than a total of 10 pieces.

We are excited to help you express your true individualism with garments designed to help you stand out in a crowd (not that you need any help baby).

Each garment is meticulously manufactured of only the highest quality vintage, reclaimed, renewed, repurposed materials and embellishments. Right down to our processes and facilities where, whenever possible, we will produce our products in a green and sustainable way.