denim cutoff shorts
You can lie to anyone else, just don't lie to yourself.
— Gio Ferrigno
Made in the USA
Most of our garments are made by hand. All of our clothes are made in an environmentally friendly way. We have bathing suites that are made from recycled plastic and denim that is taken from vintage jeans. Everything is built to last a lifetime and the styles will last for years and years and years. All of which is just as important as using renewable energy sources when manufacturing.

Find community in the brand, not your outfit. Share freely where you got it when someone asks, without having to worry about them buying the exact same thing. They'll find something for themselves.

Production Transparency
Everywhere we turn, everyone is wearing the exact same clothes. You could pay hundreds of dollars just to run into some bitch wearing the same outfit.

We're tired of it. So we created a brand that has style, originality and true exclusivity.

Of course, we didn't want to go so far as to knit our own bohemian sweater, so We decided to create great fitting styles that last the test of time, but on an extremely limited production run. Each would have unique combinations, patterns embellishments or other design elements. And, most importantly, we stay truly transparent about exactly how many we produce of each SKU and where the recycled items originated from, etc.

"Wear your sins on your sleeve and stop trying to impress
people you don't even like"

- Savannah Huggins
" I rather be told 'STOP' than 'NO'. I rather be 'Kicked out' than 'Not go'".

- Gio Ferrigno