Brand Launch

by Savannah Huggins on February 01, 2021


Los Angeles based Whorable, Inc. launches namesake trend-setting clothing line in Spring of 2021, just in time for a whorable California summer. 

With Southern California, Houston, Dallas and Austin roots, the Whorable brand is about wearing your sins on your sleeve, being secure in your own moral compass and not worrying about the opinions of people you don't even like.

Obviously, this is a lot to take on for just a clothing company. But Whorable designs everything with these principles in mind. 

"When someone tells me: 'I'm not judging you', I think to myself: "I couldn't possibly care less if you did".  There's many people that I'm a lot closer with that came before you.  If there judgement didn't make me hide who I am, yours certainly won't either.