Definitive Denim Guide

Know Your Denim Our fav pair of denim is with us through thick and thin, shaping our style. From casual Friday hustling and bustling at work or running errands to happy hour, or a night out with the girls. Our denim is there for us. So let's get to know this...
by Savannah Huggins on June 12, 2021
How-to care for distressed and/or frayed denim

How-to care for distressed and/or frayed denim

How can you get the longest life from denim? 1. Consider carefully whether the jeans really need to be washed. Jeans are designed to be washed infrequently; the less you wash jeans, the better. Try spot cleaning (don't scrub though, as this weakens denim fibers). 2. Airing out your jeans...
by Michael Cyns on June 02, 2021